Our Studio

We are a small design studio of two creatives working together to bring our clients the best service possible.

Get that Unique Design that you Want and Need to Wow your audience.

Our studio strives to keep up with the latest trends, that is Search Engine Optimised and suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Our favourite project

Princess Meera

Princess Meera is the first book in a series for young readers. Introducing a cat from a Royal family, who lives among the stars in the night sky read more...

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We both write on the blog and it tells you on each post who wrote the post.

Blog: www.magicpixel.co.za/blog

Jeannette Langenstrass

My passion is writing, I do content writing for websites, blogs and advertising purposes.

Interests: drinking coffee and wine, enjoying nature and hiking.

Most well known for: Author of Princess Meera (Children's Book), blogging and content writing.

Diane Langenstrass

I am a passionate creative who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps creativity.

Interests: keeping on top of the latest technology, web design, photography, social media, graphic design and marketing, as well as travelling and good wine.

Most well known for: Web design, Illustrating Princess Meera (Children's Book), content on Shutterstock.


I have known Diane since 2011 when she commenced working in Naturhouse UK as a shopping assistant. Diane always had a professional attitude, being very polite to our clients, organised, following the dress code and always on time. Our clients were always happy with her and enjoyed having a chat with her. She was always willing to help our clients and myself whenever needed. Moreover her computer skills were outstanding and this was a useful asset to us.

I definitely recommend Diane to work with you.

Isabel Ortiz

I worked with you, I think you are a amazing person, with a heart of gold. You have always taken pride in everything you do. You love the kind of work you do and you do a amazing job at it. If I ever had to open up my own business, I'd pick you. Your truly a dedicated person, and I'm honoured to call you my friend.